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Which Genshin Impact Character Are You Most Like

Nothing, i'm literally so sexy aha. Take this quiz to find out!

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Who of genshin impact are you most like?


Which genshin impact character are you most like. My weaknesses and how i might never be able to connect with others due to my strange or boring personality. Once i have time, i will add more characters. Items from you might like.

Still, if you're aiming for that elusive meta, this genshin impact. There are a large number of. 6 weeks ago · 40,318 takers.

A quiz to figure out which genshin impact character you're most like. Take this quiz to find out! Sorry its short, but which genshin impact character are you most like??.

It is developed and published by mihoyo. Which genshin impact character are you most like. You wake up, go to the bathroom to piss, only to notice a massive, unpoppable pimple in the middle of your forehead.

Thrill and adventure always have a gravitational pull for men and women. 17,442 visitors' top results created april 2021. I am very serious and traditional.

Anime & manga video games genshin impact genshin impact. How would you most accurately describe yourself? The world is called teyvat and is populated by numerous lovingly created characters, monsters, and even gods.

Know the us cities that you'd most love and those you'd most hate: You can also take our 4. Take this video games poll based on which genshin impact character are you most like?

Characters like zhongli, childe, diluc, and hu tao have an attractive personality. I always stay on task until completed. 7 months ago · 22,621 takers.

A selector by de4thch4an items from you might like… Which genshin impact character are you? I made this when the game first came out, so it is not updated with all available characters as of 1.6/1.7.

Genshin impact 1.5 will launch at the end of april. Every character is powerful if you build them right, and as a pve game choosing who you like is more important than who's best. Even though the elemental abilities of the characters matter the most while building teams, their play style and nature always has a deep impact on the players.

Do you get distracted easily? Genshin impact uses a gacha game monetization, meaning players can obtain new characters, weapons,. Add to library 47 » discussion 108 » follow author » share.

This quiz will help you find out which genshin impact character you are, except the questions and answers slowly become more and more cursed as you go along. (revised) 3 from 3 votes. A selector by curt anderson aight traveler who do u kin (note:

They all try to live a life with full of challenges. The alternatives are playing open world games like genshin impact, zelda or danganronpa. Please don't harass me over this.

3) do you consider yourself a serious person? They all have their unique personalities and play an important role in the game’s captivating storyline. Characters like zhongli, childe, diluc, and hu tao have an attractive personality alongside explosive stats, which explains why they are the most popular in the community.

Published 5 months ago · updated 6 weeks ago. 25,018 visitors' top results created june 2021. Wikipedia sayings about which genshin impact character are you most like.

What genshin impact character are you? You can also take our 5. Anime & manga video games video game genshin impact anime.

We talk about the probable release date for genshin impact 1.5, as well as what we can probably expect from this update. The internet is currently flooded with quizzes related to genshin impact. Which hobbies do you most enjoy?

To satisfy this urge, they go for outdoor adventures but it is not always possible. These games are full of adventure and fun in. Which genshin impact character are you most like?

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