I Dol Lens Roze Beige Brown

Shipping to malaysia, indonesia, singapore & worldwide! 3 % ( 87円 ) オプ.

Accessorplus DOL Namei Brown2 Colored Contact Lenses in

Canna roze beige brown 6 months lens brand:


I dol lens roze beige brown. Shop south korea hottest contact lenses brands: Dia g.dia bc 14 13 8.6 2pcs / 6 months detailedinfo product name: It has a 14mm diameter with a 13mm graphic size, so i guess my eyes are somewhere in the 13mm range.

I had it on for several hours while working and they were so comfortable i forgot that i even had them on! 10pcs of lenses with same optical power are in 1 pack. Buy 2 lens for 1 pair, view order guide.

Write your review and get a discount coupon us$1.00. Combination of beige brown for the natural look. 2,980 円 2,890 円 (税込み) ポイント :

2pcs frequency dia g.dia base curve(bc) water content material 6 months 14mm 13mm 8.6mm 38% hema Please order 2 boxes for left & right eyes. Explore beautiful, organic colors in the roze airy line here!

Jual beli online aman dan nyaman hanya di tokopedia. If you have different eyeglass prescriptions for each eye, please order 1 pack each for your eye. Cari produk softlens lainnya di tokopedia.

S* h*** / idol lens canna roze beige brown so far the most natural and comfortable colored contacts i’ve ever used so far. Please order 2 boxes for left & right eyes. Shipping to malaysia, indonesia, singapore and worldwide!

Best seller lenses, brown, yearly. Canna roze beige brown review on both eyes canna roze beige brown on both eyes: Reviews (0) they make eyes look very natural and pretty.

I feel like a doll or smth. Uria spends every energy to develop natural but unique lens graphic design, and they spend average 6 months to develop a new product design. It’s chocolate brown shade with a dark brown outer ring that’s verrrrryyyy slightly bigger than my normal eye.

1day after opening (10p in one pack) note : It will change the dark brown eyes turn into beautifully brown color. Wearing beige brown gives me confidence.

When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Beige brown color contacts are a beautiful way to lighten up your dark eyes with just a bit of multidimensional enhancement. 1month after opening #contact_lense #colors_contact_colors #color_contacts_online #color_contact_lenses_online #korea_color_contact_lense #korea_color_lense,korea_color_contact #brown_contact_lenses.

13.2mm period of use : Choose 0.00 if you use for cosmetic purpose. 80g period of use :

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