The pinyin pronunciation is zài jiàn. In hanyu pinyin this is pronounced zai4jian4.

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再见 [zài jiàn] this means quite simply “see you again”.


How to pronounce goodbye in chinese. Pronunciation of goodbye with 1 audio pronunciation and more for goodbye. Look up tutorials on youtube on how to pronounce 'goodbye'. The following table contains some of the most important basic chinese words and phrases.

Goodbye (as in russian, literally means until we see again) pronunciation: Croatian, also called hrvatski jezik, is spoken in croatia, bosnia and herzegovina, the serbian province of vojvodina. What's the chinese word for goodbye?

Pronunciation of goodbye with 4 audio pronunciations, 22 synonyms, 2 meanings, 14 translations and more for goodbye. Learn how to politely end a conversation in chinese by knowing the different ways to say goodbye. the most common way to say bye is 再見, written in the traditional form, or 再见, written in simplified form. How to say say goodbye in chinese.

How to pronounce goodbye in japanese details. In gr romanization it is pronounced. More chinese words for say goodbye.

Zài means again, once more, and jiàn means see, meet. You can say all these phrases, as well, in informal situations. The system has given 20 helpful results for the search how to pronounce goodbye in japanese.

Dictionary collections quiz community contribute certificate Public school posts, work permits & moe. 再见 ( zaijian / zàijiàn ) (english translation:

Here's a list of translations. Revisions to the labor law. Pronunciation of goodbye with 2 audio pronunciations.

Some entries have audio files in the right column to click and play. To say goodbye to someone in cantonese, you should say “joi gin”. Goodbye) as chinese character including stroke order, pinyin phonetic script, pronunciation in mandarin, example sentence and.

How to say goodbye in chinese. In chinese they pronounce kaydee, katie with using the t:. 5 ways to say hello & goodbye in chinese & taiwanese.

How to say goodbye in english? You'll be able to mark your mistakes quite easily. The most common way to say goodbye in chinese is 再見.

These 3 phrases are most often said in more serious, or formal, situations. Whenever a helpful result is. These are the recommended solutions for your problem, selecting from sources of help.

They’re great for business meetings or with people you’ve just met and aren’t sure which friendliness level you’re at. How to say goodbye in cantonese. Break 'goodbye' down into sounds:

To spell kaydee in chinese is kai di depending on how you pronounce it. There are some words and sentences that can be pronounced by the. It’s amongst the most common ways of saying bye or goodbye in chinese and it’ll suffice for the majority of goodbyes that you might encounter.

Both words are pronounced with a dip followed by rising pitch. The english meaning, intuitive english pronunciation, pinyin and the chinese characters are included. Adding a second job & changing jobs.

Includes translation from english and pronunciation. How to say goodbye coco in english? There are roughly 5 to 7 million croatian speakers woldwide.

Formal ways to say goodbye in russian. 拜拜 [bài bài] adopted from the english ‘bye bye’, 拜拜 is an informal and casual way of saying goodbye in chinese. Pronunciation of goodbye coco with and more for goodbye coco.

Its meaning is similar to the chinese version “see you again”, instead of a literal “good bye”. Record yourself saying 'goodbye' in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen. More chinese words for goodbye.

How to say goodbye in chinese.

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