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To make a guy regret losing you, you need to make him crazy thinking about you and what he needs to do to get you back. It will show you exactly how to do this.

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Take his breath away and make him realize that he misses you the moment he sees you.


How to make him regret losing you quora. So let’s get this out of the way first. You might also want to be firm at all times because giving him the illusion that he is losing you will make him want you even more. You can even try out new things and enjoy your single life.

If this man asks you for advice on anything, make sure you deliver. Just don’t get too mushy because guys get a little squeamish with that. Suprise him with your emotional discipline.

Kiss it, and let it fly away. Don't share your emotions with him. If you really want him back and he needs it to feel equal or something i guess let him. a guy who is much more hot than him. Again, make sure you watch the free masterclass on love and intimacy. Stay classy, do not cuss and sent nasty text to him.

When he wants to talk to you or hang out, and you only give him a little bit of your time, then he will keep craving you more and more because he's not getting enough of you. Show me an asshole and i’ll show you a guy who got hurt by the love of his life. Try exploring new hobbies and interests and this might.

And if you're not the one with regret, then i'm sure you're the one hoping your ex is living with the regret of losing you. I’ll call over a couple of my slutty friends and you can do all of us. Before you make him miss you, you have to make him regret leaving you or losing you.

Maybe him getting some strange will help. What makes a guy regret losing you exactly? Tell him he looks good and don’t be afraid to tell him how you feel.

You have to show him what he is missing out on. Take a deep breath in through your nose. Keep yourself busy doing the things you love.

If u try to make him regret u r wasting ur energy ur time and ur life on that guy against. You can only regret losing something you truly value. I inherited yellow crooked teeth from my mother—a dentist told me all my teeth were at the same angle as a person with a severe cleft palate, and asked which of my parents had one.

You had something (emotional, financial, status, a home, intelligence, beauty, youth) they wanted and they took you into their world. (at least i managed to avoid getting the cleft palate after all.) Make yourself priority number one:

He will hate the feeling of curiosity of what you feel and think. The best way to make someone regret losing you or hurting you is to put all your effort into yourself. And there is one thing that the narcissist regrets about losing you, and it is that they didn’t take even more from you before they did.

U r wasting ur energy on it. Show me someone who is sarcastic and quick, i’ll show you someone who is insecure and hiding that through making people laugh. If my girlfriend cheated on me and said i still want to be with you.

You can start by using one liner texts or leaving vague responses that will make him wonder what he ever did to you. Quit apologizing swiftly without actually doing anything wrong just because you want to keep him. Maybe you have a friend you could call over.

You don't want him to justify for himself that you are not that good after all. I’m sorry you feel hurt. • present yourself in the best light possible.

One likely way to make someone regret joking about your appearance would be starting to cry. Most likely it will just lead to hurt. The kind of girl guys regret losing.

Show me a player and i’ll show you a guy who got beat at his own game. Because it’s the most important piece of advice i can share. Let him have the last word, do not answer his last sent text to you.

The narcissist does not value (love) a partner. You can’t go back into the old habits of letting him make the relationship all about him. Most of these approaches begin with you!

There are five key elements of making someone regret leaving you: Let it out through your mouth. Breathe, and hold your sadness and hurt with gentleness, like a small bird.

And if he asks, you might want to remind him exactly what he did wrong. Stop acting jealous of other women, especially around him. We’ve established that the only thing narcissists miss about you is the supply you gave them.

They don’t regret the way they treated you. When he talks to you, make sure you comment on what he is telling you, that just lets him know you are listening with open ears. Let him know what you’re up to:

They use a partner for a goal, a want, a need. Become the absolute best version of yourself • show your ex that you’ve made tangible improvements • make him or her realize that their life would be infinitely better with you in it They don’t regret the way they discarded you, and even if you discarded them, they don’t regret what they did to cause you.

What other people do is about them. If you want him to realize he is losing you, there are several measures and approaches you can use. You no longer have to worry about him or your relationship.

It is never about you. Apart from all this points i want to say this why u want to make him regret losing you, ur relation is over for reason he is ur ex for reason.

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