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How To Make A Shirt Design Look Vintage

Here’s the groovy design we’re starting with, on a plain white background. Example process for creating a vintage look original design.

How To Create a Retro 70s Style Striped Logo Type Effect

All these vintage, retro or classic logos can be widely used for coffee shops, restaurants, fashion stores or other businesses.


How to make a shirt design look vintage. Select all the objects that make up the banner and go to object > envelope distort > make with warp. Water based inks are thinner, more. This will make our logo look a bit greased.

Use water based inks for a soft hand & transparent look. Choose from our wide variety of retro shirts or get started in our online design lab. Don't set the amount to higher values as this will make your logo look blurry.

Open up adobe illustrator and drag a guide onto the artboard. At deluxe, they recommend using either waterbase/discharge or plastisol. You can notice a lot of details created around the letters.

You can share your creation digitally via email, link sharing, or your social platforms. The entire typeface is fin retro style. Now let's try to add a few smart filters to create our vintage logo design.

Awesome work, you're now done! “authentic”, “original”, “purveyors of” and “est.” are classic examples. Once applying the halftone, click command/ctrl+a and select the entire board and then click command/ctrl+c to copy it.

Select the arc setting and add 10% of vertical adjustment. (yes, this method does require a bit. You can select either water based inks or plastisol inks when working with broken arrow.

Add collaborators so they can provide feedback on your design. Then you can create looking garments on 100 percent cotton choosing the right ink and right graphics. You will now hit command/ctrl+v, placing your halftoned graphic with the.

Add an old school tagline underneath the logo. Browse our extensive clipart library to find your graphics, or upload your own logo. While plastisol is the most popular, water based inks have a special place in the screen printing world.

Toggle on smart guides (cmd+u) to make it easy to snap to the guideline. When like substrates for your decent system prints. Simply choose the favorite template and give it another brush by adding vector icons and shapes, styling the text with artistic fonts, and making more adjustments with powerful editing tools.

And finally, let's save our vintage shirt design, make the background layer invisible, and then just save the image as a transparent png file. While holding down the stencil with one hand (even if it's taped!), use your fingers to hold down the edge you will be painting right next to. Now click command/ctrl+option/alt+z multiple times to go back to your latest layered files.

If needed, you can add your graphics or images too. Vintage tees are totally trendy! Pour one quart of warm water into a bucket, along with 1/2 cup of table salt.

A big and decorated circle in the middle with elaboration makes this shirt an attractive design piece. The trick to getting it to look vintage or retro is using only enough paint to make it look faded or worn. Select the whole path then copy (cmd+c) and paste in front (cmd+f).

After that, let's go to filter > noise > median and set the amount to 2 px. Last, but not least, you’ll need to choose a printing technique that complements both the shirt and the design. Add your business, school, or group name to a ringer tee for totally custom yet perfectly retro look.

Use this guide as a centre line to create one half of the skull graphic using the pen tool. Stir until the salt has dissolved completely.

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