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Imho id say get klee c1. Shes extremely gear dependent and saying her constellations make her stronger is the biggest no s*** thing to say.

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I've been play klee since i got her, she's insanely fun.


How to get klee genshin impact reddit. Keep reading this article to know how to get pearl. Crimson + glad is better for general use, while full crimson is better if you constantly trigger melt/vaporize reactions (for example if you use klee + xingqiu ultimate). A replacement of the famous venti banner, klee is yet another amazing genshin impact character.

The genshin impact klee banner offers a great character. Most won't even get her, let alone dupes. The new genshin impact character is klee, a pyro 5 star that has her own banner.

You can now set down gift sets for your companions in genshin impact's serenitea pot, helping earn friendship exp with them when not using them in your main team. How to get new outfits in genshin impact learn how to get the new outfits in genshin impact including jean's sea breeze dandelion skin and barbara's summertime sparkle skin. How to get klee share share tweet email

Klee is the featured character on this new promo banner, titled sparkling steps. Bloodstained chivalry is an artifact set in genshin impact. Klee is too clunky and requires gear much more than other characters do.

Genshin impact cemented its place as the biggest video game launch by any chinese developer so far. One of these new items is the dodoco tales. Slow sprint but other than that, short range isn't an issue since she hits really hard and rapid fast with normal and charged attacks canceling.

Her c1 is so good, i'm certain hers is the best one in the game besides maybe sucrose. When a character has a banner that means there’s a 50/50 shot at whatever 5 star you get is that featured one. Reidenhart 3 weeks ago #21.

Though you may have already been introduced to klee and her abilities in the quest the mystery of the girl in red. Sounds mighty useful to me. From a quick type of “klee c1” in genshin impact search bar ive learned that klee’s c1 increases dmg about 33%.

However, for those of you looking to invest on the. Genshin impact has 24 playable characters, but only a handful of them are available as part of the game’s main storyline. In genshin impact, the midsummer island adventure event is underway, and it’s packed with new activities, interactions, and goodies.

But, is it worth it? Genshin impact reddit player manages to get unbanned. While you will get to experience most of them for a short time, actually.

The game holds extraordinary engagement statistics comparable to the likes of lockdown phenom among us.the player base is never allowed to rest as the developers are constantly pushing tasks and quests to keep them engaged. Another person said the “first two constellations are pretty insane” so if you like klee or use as main dmg and have the primogems and dont like the upcoming banners. Alright thanks i guess i'd better start leveling my xinqiu to pair with klee.

Guide includes locations of bloodstained chivalry artifact, set bonuses, & how to get.

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