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How To Break In Cowboy Boots Faster

Soak boots in bathtub till wet through. Try to focus on the problem areas such as the heel and the sides of the boot.

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Allow enough time so that the leather is nice and warm.


How to break in cowboy boots faster. Do not oversaturate the boots with conditioner. The heels are the stiffest part of the boot. Applying direct heat to leather will dry it out, cause.

Even better, double up with two pairs of thick socks. Cowboy boots care tips taking the time to soften your cowboy boots can make the difference between boots you can only wear an hour at a time and an everyday pair. This will help the boot conform to the shape of your feet faster.

Probably took a good half of the day to walk them dry, but after that, the boots were comfortable as could be. The issue is, though, that it can take time to break in new work boots. Take the boots off of your feet and, with your hands, bend the sole of each shoe.

So basically, the bathtub method goes like this: Fill them with water until they’re completely soaked. If you’re in a rush and moisture isn't a problem, the wet method is one of the best ways to break in leather tactical boots:

To properly break in a pair of cowboy boots, you first need to ensure that heel feels a bit loose because as the side begins to break in, the heel responds by sliding further back to fill the loose section. Wear your boots around the house, or leave an old pair in your truck that you can change into after a long day of breaking in new cowboy boots. Can’t wait for your boots to stretch out on their own?

The good news is, there are a few steps you can take to break in your new work boots quickly. This is normal with all kinds of boots, so we have an easy guide to help you break in work boots quickly. One way to make breaking in your boots go faster is to add some steam heat.

In the surveying and timber cruising biz, your boots are often completely soaked anyway, this only sped up the break in process. Put your boots in a bathtub or wash tub. Empty the water from your boots.

Treat your red wing boots with mink oil or a leather conditioner to help soften the leather and aid in the breaking in process when you first purchase your boots. This won’t ruin them, it will help break them in faster. Put the fresh boots on, laced 'em tight and stood in a creek until they were completely soaked.

Try crushing them up with your hands to soften the heel and make it fit easier around the foot. Softening your cowboy boots may take some time, so if the leather is still too stiff after two days, repeat these steps until your boots reach your ideal level of softness. If you see dry spots, soak them longer.

This method has been much discussed on several online forums with most people having no problems and swearing that they will only break in boots this way from now on.

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