God’s word says a person is cursed, when they follow an alternate gospel. Your exact situation is addressed by the prophet isaiah:1 let not the barren one say, 'behold, i am a dry tree.'

Galatians 313 Christ redeemed us from the curse of the

The horary curse reading is like a lab test.


Am i cursed by god. What you need to do is become part of his family. I want you to read psalms 73 carefully and then tell me whether god blesses the wicked. I have no friends, i usually dont speak.

I cant control my behaviors. And, according to scripture, when a child is conceived through fornication or adultery, that child is under the bastard curse. Canaan's most (in)famous relative was his nephew nimrod, who lived in (or close to) iraq:

Repent of your sins and become born again as described in john chapter three, the central theme of the whole b. Jesus, fully god and fully man, bore our sin curse in his body on the cross. This is disobedience to father’s will.

10 ”now then let me alone, that my anger may burn against them and that i may destroy them; Many christians believe in generational curses, children of god being cursed by satan children, and object, f.e. But the problem is that you have been doing the same.

The answer is an absolute no! God does not allow his children to be cursed. Your life has meaning and purpose despite not having given birth to physical children.

‘they believe i was cursed with blindness because god was angry’ girls with disabilities in ethiopia have been sexually assaulted and are feared for being under the spell of witchcraft. The answer will arise spontaneously if you are cursed. God did, however, curse the ground because of adam.

He has bridged the gap between us and god, and now he offers us. I'm going to give you a small assignment. I feel i am cursed, how do i get blessings from god?

I tend to ramble a lot. This is why i urge you to repent of your sins and turn to christ. God is not after your money, he is after your heart.

Now where do you come up with the idea that it is god who is blessing a man who break's god's will. In complete internal silence and peace, ask yourself if you are cursed. Either be cursed by god or devil!

To tell you the truth, i am the one definitely be cursed. A souvenir from africa, or an old closet from grandma who was involved with seances, can be cursed and affect bad influence on god children. However, 33% of the time the indications of malefic spiritual attack are present.

The bible tells us that “like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not come to rest” ( proverbs 26:2b ). As i touched on above, i am sure there are elements of your life which are very good and which many other people wish they had. No, of course you are not cursed for not having children!

You're not cursed, and you aren't born to be miserable. Here are a few people who cursed god and died horribly death, hope you will learn from their mistakes: ‘christianity will end, it will vanish.

I hope i didn't confuse you or hurt you, such was not my intention. If it comes back negative you have can eliminate malefic spiritual attack as the cause. The idea of being “cursed” is a manifestation of these negative thought patterns.

Remember that this is not something you’re asking your *emotions* to tell you, but you are asking the highest part of yourself, the living god part of yourself that is omniscient. You want blessings from god, but you haven't been living righteously. I am extremely strange in the eyes of others.

God is to be feared cheaters closure reverence, and god's nature vows making vows god, greatness of blemished creatures deception, forbidden by god the curse of the law “but cursed be the swindler who has a male in his flock and vows it, but sacrifices a blemished animal to the lord, for i am a great king,” says the lord of hosts, “and my name is feared among the nations.” You filter out the good events, so you lead yourself to believe you are cursed. And if our hearts wholly belong to god, money is inconsequential, because all we have is his, not just the 10%.

But christ took your curse upon himself, and he was condemned in your place. A few years prior, during his meeting with an american magazine, he said : This means that foolish curses have no effect.

We can easily search on the internet of the many mainstream religions out there that preach and follow an alternate gospel, then the one of god. I am sure that someone born and bred in africa will much better know how africa works (in the present) than an outsider. That means for believers in jesus our present sufferings are temporary.

Here is how to do that. My experience is that about 66% of the time, people who are having a difficult time are not cursed. The reason is that a child conceived out of wedlock is the fruit of the parents’ fornication or adultery at the time of conception.

I always feel quite uncomfortable in my physical body. Christ be with you sister. Quiet your mind and quiet your emotions.

I don’t need to contend about that… i am sure. I have no courage to walk in the outside, and i am afraid of meeting others,even my parents. You deserve to be cursed by god and condemned for your sins.

Many of the greatest and most righteous personalities were in your situation. You'll be stronger in time. They have made for themselves a molten calf, and have worshiped it and have sacrificed to it and said, ‘this is your god, o israel, who brought you up from the land of egypt!’” 9 the lord said to moses, “i have seen this people, and behold, they are an obstinate people.

Five reasons why you are cursed for tithing. So, to answer the question, am i cursed if i don’t tithe? No one has the power to curse one whom god has decided to bless.

The bastard curse also applies to. This curse implied that the ground outside of the garden would not have the same natural fertility as the ground in eden. A horary curse reading is the most accurate and precise way to determine whether or not you are cursed.

God has a great ability to turn our afflictions into good things, into pillars of strength. And we boast in the hope of the glory of god. And i will make of you a great.

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